ASUS ProArt StudioBook Pro

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W730G5T Powered By NVIDIA Quadro RTX 5000

The ASUS W730G5T ProArt StudioBook Pro X is the first Quadro-powered laptop to feature four-sided NanoEdge display and ASUS ScreenPad 2.0, making it a mighty powerhouse that brings ideas to life.


The innovative slim-bezel NanoEdge design allows a larger panel to fit into its compact chassis for immersive visuals. Powered by up to 9th Gen Intel Xeon or Core i7 processors, ProArt StudioBook Pro X offers outstanding performance, while its NVIDIA Quadro RTX 5000 GPU ensures a graphics prowess that’s second to none. The addition of the interactive ASUS ScreenPad 2.0 makes working a breeze, too. ProArt StudioBook Pro X offers a combination of cutting-edge graphics and portability that makes it perfect for creative professionals.

ASUS W730G5T ProArt StudioBook Pro X Use Cases


ProArt StudioBook Pro X is a perfect fit for designers looking for a stylish, portable laptop with the power to run CAD and 3D design tools. It delivers pixel-perfect visuals, and enables superfast large file transfers between devices.


ProArt StudioBook Pro X is compatible and optimized for BIM (Building Information Modelling) tools. Harness its remarkable graphics and cutting-edge processor to envision, design, and create the buildings of tomorrow.


The combination of professional-grade Quadro graphics, a wide-gamut display and exceptional color accuracy makes ProArt StudioBook Pro X ideal for animators and other video editors. You can even hook it up to an external monitor to make editing easier and more efficient.


A choice of powerful Intel Core or Xeon processors with up to 128GB ECC memory give ProArt StudioBook Pro X more than enough performance to run real-time simulations, rendering and interactive design.

ASUS W730G5T Design

The first Quadro laptop with the four-sided NanoEdge display ProArt StudioBook Pro X is the first Quadro laptop to feature the four-sided ASUS NanoEdge display. The innovative display design provides a 92% screen-to-body ratio for immersive visuals.

ASUS W730G5T Pro X Display

Despite its compact dimensions, ProArt StudioBook Pro X doesn’t compromise when it comes to screen size. The large widescreen display results in a larger workspace, and is able to accommodate the top and bottom toolbars found on most creative apps — commonly cut off when viewed on standard 16:9 aspect displays.

ASUS W730G5T Display

ASUS W730G5T Display Area

The 17” RTX Studio Laptop that fits in a 15” briefcase

For a 17-inch laptop, ProArt StudioBook Pro X is surprisingly compact. It has a footprint comparable to that of many 15-inch laptops, enabling it to slip easily into your briefcase or messenger bag for professional-grade graphics wherever you go. It’s bound to turn heads, too: its Star Grey finish with Rose Gold highlights gives it a classy look.

ASUS W730G5T Size

Top-notch performance to fuel your creativity

The remarkably compact and versatile ProArt StudioBook Pro X delivers next-level performance, and will handle anything you throw at it with minimal fuss. The latest Intel processors and NVIDIA graphics, along with ultrafast storage, let you blitz through the most demanding tasks faster than ever before.

ASUS ProArt StudioBook Pro X W730G5T Processors



Seamlessly edit your creations and render multi-layered files with professional-grade NVIDIA Quadro RTX 5000 graphics. This DirectX® 12-compatible graphics monster delivers all the horsepower you need. Advanced RTX features like hardware‑accelerated ray tracing ensures stunning visuals, while exclusive AI assistance reduces repetitive tasks for faster content creation.

ASUS W730G5T ProArt StudioBook Pro X

RTX 5000 GPU

ProArt StudioBook Pro X pushes the boundaries of what’s possible thanks to its NVIDIA Quadro RTX 5000 GPU. It’s powered by the NVIDIA Turing™ architecture and the NVIDIA RTX™ platform, and utilizes real-time ray tracing, AI workflow enhancements, and advanced shading to give you photorealistic visuals.


Photorealistic visuals

The 17-inch NanoEdge display on ProArt StudioBook Pro X is truly awe-inspiring. This WUXGA panel features 8-bit colour depth, a wide colour gamut, and exceptional colour accuracy to ensure pin-sharp detail and bright, vivid colours for more lifelike images. Designed for professional use, it also has a matte finish so there’s no distracting glare.

ASUS ProArt StudioBook Pro X W730G5T Display

To display the most vivid, most realistic colours possible, ProArt StudioBook Pro X supports an exceptionally wide colour gamut with 97% DCI-P3 and 133% sRGB coverage. The DCI-P3 colour space is the preferred choice of creative professionals for its increased range of possible colours, and makes images on ProArt StudioBook Pro X look simply stunning.



The ASUS W730G5T SCREENPAD™ 2.0 upgrades the traditional laptop experience, adding an interactive secondary touchscreen that enhances your productivity with more possibilities. Its intuitive smartphone-like interface lets you easily manage tasks and create your own seamless multitasking workflow. There’s a series of handy ASUS utility apps to boost productivity including Quick Key — for one-tap automation of complex keyboard sequences — along with Handwriting, Number Key and Office Xpert. There are also useful quick controls that improve the interactions between the main display and ScreenPad: for example, you can now launch a video or chat box — or many other apps — onto ScreenPad to take advantage of the extra space wherever you are, and without interrupting your work on the main display.

ASUS ProArt StudioBook Pro X W730G5T HotKeys

  • App Switcher - Drag an app onto the App Switcher icon to move it from the main screen to ScreenPad, or tap the App Switcher icon on ScreenPad to launch the app on the main screen.
  • Mode Switch - Tap the Mode Switch icon to switch between ScreenPad control and touchpad functions. You can also quick-tap with three fingers to temporarily enable cursor mode: it will revert back to touch mode after 2 seconds.
  • Add - Drag an app window onto the Add icon to add the app onto ScreenPad for easy access.
  • App Navigator - Tap the App Navigator icon to view all apps that are open on ScreenPad.
  • Task Group - Customise app groups and use the Task Group icon to open multiple apps with one tap.
  • Quick Key - Simplify complicated key sequences into a single touch, to give you personalized hotkeys for your most-used tasks.
  • Handwriting - With Handwriting you can take notes and record your thoughts or ideas the natural way.
  • Number key - Number Key is the easy and intuitive way to enter numeric data.

More Possibilities

SCREENPAD™ 2.0 intelligently fits many apps into the 5.65-inch touchscreen, and you can effortlessly add apps to ScreenPad for instant access. The newly-optimized ScreenPad experience ensures that your favorite apps, such as Evernote® & Spotify® , will work perfectly on this secondary display right away, without the need for a ScreenPad-specific version. ASUS also works closely with third party developers, including video-editing software developer Corel® , to optimise adaptive ScreenPad tools for the ultimate productivity — and there’s much more to come. Get ready for the ScreenPad revolution!

ASUS ProArt StudioBook Pro X W730G5T Screenpad

Easy Sharing and hotkeys

ProArt StudioBook Pro X has a 180° lay-flat hinge that allows it to be fully opened and laid flat on a table, making it easy to share ideas and designs with clients and colleagues. In addition, several dedicated hotkeys give you the convenience of capturing screen grabs or locking the system with a single key press.

ASUS W730G5T Pro X Hinge

Gigabit-class connectivity

A comprehensive set of high-performance I/O ports — including two Thunderbolt™ 3 ports — give ProArt StudioBook Pro X the ultimate, hassle-free connectivity for versatile flexibility whether you’re in the office or on the road. You can event connect ProArt StudioBook Pro X to three external displays. It has gigabit Ethernet, and is one of the world’s first products with Intel Wi-Fi 6 with Gig+ (802.11ax) so you can enjoy wired-equivalent network speeds — without the wires!

ASUS W730G5T Pro X Connectivity


For creatives, software is key. That’s why ASUS tests and invests in comprehensive ISV (Independent Software Vendor) certification processes to ensure ProArt StudioBook Pro X works as expected with professional applications from the world’s leading software companies.

ISV Certifications

ASUS ProArt StudioBook Pro X W730G5T ISV-Certs

ASUS W730G5T Stunning Audio

The ASUS Golden Ear team worked with audio specialists Harman Kardon to create the latest iteration of ASUS SonicMaster audio technology, and the results are astonishing. This unique combination of hardware and software give ProArt StudioBook Pro X the most incredible sound ever heard on a laptop.

ASUS ProArt StudioBook Pro X W730G5T Audio

Militarily tested durability

ProArt StudioBook Pro X meets the ultra-demanding MIL-STD 810G military standard for reliability and durability, undergoing a punishing test regime that includes extended tests for operation in harsh environments including extreme altitudes, temperatures and humidity. It has also passed ASUS internal laptop tests that far exceed the standards set by the industry.

ASUS W730G5T Pro X Quality

ASUS ProArt StudioBook Pro X W730G5T Specifications

ASUS W730G5T Pro X Specifications

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