D-Link DCS-9500T Thermal Imaging Camera

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Group Temperature Screening Camera

The D-Link DCS-9500T Group Temperature Screening Camera is an all-in-one fever screening solution, ideal for busy entrances at schools, hospitals, transportation hubs and offices buildings. It provides fast and accurate skin-surface temperature detection1 for up to 30 individuals simultaneously with a ±0.3°C accuracy, so that you can be notified instantaneously to intercept and take appropriate action. The rapid response time of under 30ms allows the camera to detect feverish people with elevated skin temperature quickly and precisely even in flowing crowds.

D-Link DCS-9500T Large

The D-Link DCS-9500T can also identify individuals through facial recognition (against a preloaded facial image identification database) (2).

The wide-angle thermal lens means you can monitor a wider area, and the uncooled IRFPA microbolometer high-resolution thermal sensor allows for sharper thermal imaging. The kit comes with a blackbody calibrator that enables the system to calibrate in real-time to ensure constant accuracy.

The D-Link DCS-9500T features dual-lens technology, with concurrent thermal and optical imaging. Together they create exceptional high-quality footage that can be overlaid onto each other, offering the best of both lens’ features unified into one image. The resulting footage can be viewed in 17 different modes/colour palettes.

PoE support allows the camera to be powered and connected through a single cable, giving additional deployment flexibility, especially at locations where a power socket is not available.

D-Link DCS-9500T Product Highlights

All-In-One Fever Screening Solution

Complete kit that includes thermographic camera with intelligent temperature detection, blackbody calibrator and management software

Simultaneous Multiple People Detection

Screen up to 30 people at the same time with a rapid response time of less than 30 ms and accuracy within 0.3°C

Flexible Integration and Installation

ONVIF compatible allows for easy integration, while PoE support gives additional flexibility on where the camera can be installed.

D-Link DCS-9500T Setup

The D-Link DCS-9500T features dual-lens technology for high-quality footage, while 17 viewing modes and intelligent facial recognition allow for accurate, rapid identification. The DCS-9500T can precisely distinguish people and raise an alarm when someone has an elevated temperature. Body temperature can be measured to an accuracy of +/-0.3 degrees Celsius with a sensitivity of 40mK.

D-Link DCS-9500T Features

High-accuracy Thermal Camera

  • 400 (H) x 300 (V) effective pixels
  • Thermal sensitivity up to 40 mK @F1.0
  • Boasting a f8 mm @F1.0 thermal camera
  • A thermal camera angle of view of H:46° x V:35°

Temperature Detection

Detect and measure up to 30 faces at the same time

  • 2 x digital temperature alarms
  • Response times less than 30 ms

Exceptional Visible Video Quality

  • 1/2.8” 2-megapixel progressive CMOS sensor
  • f2.7 mm to f12 mm motorised lens with an aperture of F1.6 ~F2.9
  • H:105°~32° visible camera angle of view
  • True Wide Dynamic Range (WDR)
  • H.265, H.264, MJPEG

Closed Network Temperature Monitoring

Free CMS software included with temperature monitoring and high-temperature voice alarms (6)

  1. The DCS-9500T is designed for the rapid detection of skin-surface temperatures for preliminary public area screening. It does not measure actual core body temperatures which should be further confirmed using clinical measurement devices. Always check your local laws and regulations deployment and usage of this type of equipment.
  2. Facial recognition function requires preloaded facial image identification database that may be subject to consensus from recognised individuals. The end-user assumes all liability for compliance with applicable local laws.
  3. Use of audio or video equipment for recording the image or audio of a person without their knowledge and consent is prohibited in certain countries or jurisdictions. The end-user assumes all liability for compliance with applicable local laws.
  4. Avoid wind, sunshine, and high-temperature object reflections in the background for most accurate results. Indoor installation is highly recommended.
  5. Weight includes camera, black body calibrator and 2 mounts.
  6. 6 Intranet camera in a closed network is highly recommend.
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