D-Link DNR-2020-04P 2-bay NVR 16 Channel PoE

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JustConnect 16-Channel PoE Network Video Recorder

The DNR-2020-04P JustConnect 16-Channel PoE Network Video Recorder is an all-in-one network video recorder (NVR) that can record video from up to 16 network cameras (1) to its dual HDD storage2.  With the integrated HDMI/VGA display output and USB 3, users can view, control and configure the DNR-2020-04P without the need to turn on their PC.  Featuring Power over Ethernet (PoE), the NVR supplies power to up to four PoE cameras, saving valuable time and electrical installation costs during setup. Powered by an embedded system, the DNR-2020-04P supports real-time remote monitoring and playback via a web browser using the NVR’s web GUI. Additionally, support for audio in/out, DI/DO triggering, and external USB 3.0 storage for video export and backups fill the needs of small businesses. The bundled Multi-NVR Viewer is a comprehensive network surveillance software designed for SMB and enterprise users, making the DNR-2020-04P a convenient, versatile, and effective video recorder.

D-Link DNR-2020-04P

Features Trustworthy Surveillance

  • Reliable network camera surveillance recorder for small business users
  • View real-time and recorded video of all 16 cameras from anywhere in your home or office, or remotely via the Internet
  • M-JPEG, MPEG-4 or H.264 video format

Convenient Interface

  • Effortless network camera setup and management
  • User-friendly interface provides 16 channels of simultaneous live view, recording, playback, and PTZ control
  • Continuous, scheduled, or event recording with automatic overwrite function

Flexible Storage Options

  • Two-bay SATA 3.5” HDD interface, up to 16TB of hard disk storage space for recorded video (2)
  • Protects important surveillance files with automatic backups using RAID 1 technology

Flexible and Scalable

  • Stand-alone device: Eliminates the need for a dedicated PC
  • Integrated HDMI/VGA display output
  • Supports D-Link network camera (1)
  • Power fail recovery recording

Versatile Monitoring

Users are provided with a variety of options for viewing and organising camera footage onscreen. Featuring live viewing of multiple channels, users can simply drag and drop selected cameras to the viewing area. Users can also control pan/tilt/zoom (PTZ) functions from within the interface. A single camera may be viewed full-screen with two-way audio support. Optional Digital In/Digital Out (DI/DO) connections to triggers such as door and window sensors allow for easy event-based recording.

Extensive Recording Functionality

The DNR-2020-04P’s clear interface allows for easy configuration of many functions including compression, resolution, and frame rate for all connected cameras. Once the cameras have been set up, recordings can be made continuously, or according to a user-defined schedule. E-map support simplifies camera setup and management. The NVR also provides event recording based on specific triggers such as when motion is detected and notifications can be set so that an email will be sent to alert the administrator whenever an event occurs.

Secure Storage

Administrators may filter external connections to the NVR by IP address, limiting access and thus increasing security. Administrators may also manage access privileges for users by specifying the cameras they may monitor. The NVR also includes the option to protect data using a RAID 1 configuration (4), which duplicates recorded data onto two separate hard drives. In the event of HDD failure, data integrity is maintained on the secondary HDD. The recorded data can be backed up to external USB disks or additional storage locations such as FTP servers whenever required.

Bundled NVR Software

The included DCS-260 Multi-NVR Viewer is a comprehensive network surveillance software designed for SMB and enterprise users. Using an intuitive user interface, you can centrally manage up to 128 NVR devices

and network cameras, allowing you to efficiently control multiple D-Link NVRs located in different areas. By enabling users to monitor multiple live camera views, receive real-time event notification, and manage camera locations using multiple eMaps, the software not only meets but exceeds the requirements of any modern security-conscious company.

Smooth Streaming from Anywhere

The DNR-2020-04P also enables users to remotely view and manage the NVR from anywhere via a web browser. The Gigabit Ethernet port provides superior bandwidth for viewing 16 camera streams simultaneously, so critical moments can be monitored and captured at all times. Additionally, using the JustConnect+ app for iOS and Android mobile devices, allows administrators easy access for monitoring the DNR-2020-04P using mobile devices.

  1. Please visit your regional D-Link website via www.dlink.com for a full camera compatibility list.
  2. Hard disks are not included. Supports hard disks up to 8TB each for a total of 16TB.
  3. This port is used for firmware updates, video exports to USB drives, and backups. Connection to a USB mouse/keyboard is supported
  4. RAID 0 and RAID 1 mirroring requires the use of two internal SATA drives. To avoid data incompatibility in RAID 1 operation, use identical SATA drives from the same manufacturer. Formatted drive capacity for RAID 1 operation is dependent on the drive capacity of the lowest-sized drive. Some older generation SATA drives may not be compatible. For a list of SATA drives that have been tested to work with the NVR, visit the D-Link support website.

JustConnect - NVR - 16 channels - networked

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