D-Link DWL-6610APE

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Wireless AC1200 DualBand Unified Access Point D-Link DWL-6610APE

The D-Link DWL-6610APE Wireless AC1200 Dual-Band Unified Access Point is designed for small to medium businesses and enterprises, providing unparalleled bandwidth and flexibility for medium to large scale Wi-Fi networks. Featuring the latest 802.11ac technology on its 5 GHz band, the D-Link DWL-6610APE allows you to deploy more devices and provide greater throughput for your wireless clients.

Greater Reach and Flexibility

The D-Link DWL-6610APE provides unparalleled connectivity by using a 2 x 2 antenna implementation with 4 detachable external omnidirectional antennas, allowing high combined data rates of 1167 Mbps2 (867 Mbps for 802.11ac, and 300 Mbps for 802.11n) over the air. With dual-band technology, the D-Link DWL-6610APE provides high-performance connections over two bands, so wireless clients can stream media faster and further than before using existing devices.

Centrally Managed

When working in conjunction with D-Link Unified Controllers, the D-Link DWL-6610APE can be centrally managed. This allows for a large number of APs to be deployed and managed easily and efficiently. Once the APs are discovered by the controller, the administrator can push configuration to them as a group, instead of doing so individually. Additionally, Radio Frequency (RF) resource management allows wireless coverage to be managed centrally, proving the best coverage possible for wireless clients.

Self-Configuring Cluster

For small businesses that need to deploy multiple APs but lack the resources for complex network management, the D-Link DWL-6610APE self-configuring cluster allows a small number of D-Link DWL-6610APE access points to be set to form a self-configuring cluster. Once the administrator configures one access point, the same configuration can then be applied to all remaining APs, making setting up your wireless business network a breeze.

Performance Upgrade

The D-Link DWL-6610APE features an upgraded CPU, providing increased performance over its predecessor. The 4 external omnidirectional antennas extend the range of the wireless signal, eliminating dead spots and filling hard-to-reach places. Band steering technology enables the D-Link DWL-6610APE to balance the load between its two radios rather than forcing all users onto the 2.4 GHz band, allowing for smooth streaming of video, seamless browsing, and fast downloads for mobile devices. Airtime fairness ensures that equal airtime is given to each client, providing increased performance even if slower devices are connected.

Automatic RF Management

When access points are deployed in close proximity to each other, there may be interference between channels if RF management is not implemented. When a D-Link DWL-6610APE senses a neighbour nearby, it will automatically select a non-interfering channel. This greatly reduces RF interference and will allow the administrator to deploy APs more densely. To further minimise interference, when a nearby AP is on the same channel, the D-Link DWL-6610APE will automatically lower its transmission power1 . When, for whatever reason, the nearby AP is no longer present, the D-Link DWL-6610APE will increase its transmission power to expand coverage.

D-Link DWL-6610APE Quality of Service

The D-Link DWL-6610APE supports 802.1p Quality of Service (QoS) for enhanced throughput and better performance of time-sensitive traffic like VoIP and video streaming. The D-Link DWL-6610APE supports Wi-Fi Multimedia (WMM), so in the event of network congestion, time-sensitive traffic can be given priority ahead of other traffic. Furthermore, when a number of D-Link DWL-6610APE units are in close proximity to each other, an access point will refuse new association requests once its resources are fully utilised, allowing the association request to be picked up by a neighbouring unit, distributing the load over multiple APs.

Radio access point - Wi-Fi - Dual Band

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