VMware Backup

Developed specifically for VMware vSphere, NAKIVO Backup & Replication delivers complete data protection for vCenter-managed and standalone ESXi workloads. With enterprise-grade functionality, the software solution provides efficient backups and ensures that your VMs, applications and data are recoverable within minutes. NAKIVO Backup & Replication fulfils all the requirements of today’s agile IT infrastructures by simplifying vSphere data protection, improving VM backup performance and ensuring data recovery.

Robust VMware Backup

Create image-based, incremental and app-aware backups of live VMware VMs

Advanced Backup Copy

Copy VMware backups to tape, offsite, or to Amazon/Azure/Wasabi

Backup Job Automation

Automate VM protection with VMware backup policies to save you time and effort

High Backup Performance

Boost VM backup speed by up to 2X while reducing storage space requirements

Instant Granular Restore

Instantly recover entire VMs, files, and application objects directly from backups

Guaranteed Recovery

Automatically test backups to verify your VMs are recoverable and error-free

Supported Platforms for VMware vSphere Backup

  • VMware vSphere v7.0
  • VMware vSphere v6.7
  • VMware vSphere v6.5
  • VMware vSphere v6.0
  • VMware vSphere v5.5
  • VMware vSphere v5.1
  • VMware vSphere v5.0
  • VMware vSphere v4.1

Supported Platforms for VMware ESXi Backup

  • VMware ESXi v7.0
  • VMware ESXi v6.7
  • VMware ESXi v6.5
  • VMware ESXi v6.0
  • VMware ESXi v5.5
  • VMware ESXi v5.1
  • VMware ESXi v5.0
  • VMware ESXi v4.1

Consistent, Image-Based Backup

Perform consistent image-based backups of VMware VMs. This means that the entire VM is captured during backup, including all disk and configuration files. This also ensures that data in applications, such as Microsoft Exchange, Active Directory, SQL, and SharePoint, remains transactionally consistent and ready for recovery.

Incremental Backup

All VMware VM backup jobs use VMware’s Changed Block Tracking (CBT) to quickly identify changed data blocks. Only those changes (increments) are copied to the Backup Repository, which results in faster and smaller backups.

Instant Granular Recovery

Instantly recover files and application objects that you need when you need them. Whatever the scenario, you get flexible and fast agentless granular restores without recovering a full VM first.

Instant VM Recovery

For the tightest RTOs, use the Flash VM Boot to boot your VM from a backup whether for recovery or sandbox testing. You don’t have to run a full VMware VM recovery if you need to quickly restore a workload.

Watch the short video to learn how NAKIVO Backup & Replication works and how to get the most out of VM backup and recovery for your VMware vCenter and ESXi environments.

What you get with NAKIVO Backup & Replication for VMware data protection

Efficient VMware Backup

NAKIVO Backup & Replication is an agentless VMware backup software that performs incremental, image-based, app-aware backups. Using guest OS quiescing , which relies on Microsoft’s VSS service, all the processes running on a VM are fleetingly frosen to make a point-in-time image that is used as the data source for the backup. This approach also ensures that application data for Microsoft Exchange, Active Directory, Microsoft SQL, and other applications, is transactionally consistent and can be recovered almost instantly. To create incremental backups, NAKIVO Backup & Replication relies on VMware’s Changed Block Tracking (CBT) technology to determine what has changed since the previous backup and copy only that data.

VMware VM Backup Copy

With a copy of your VM backups, you know your data is safe even if the primary VMware backup becomes unavailable. Use Backup Copy to send your VMware backups offsite, to tape, or to a public cloud to eliminate a single point of failure and be ready for recovery in any scenario. You can also customise your copy jobs by choosing to maintain a mirrored copy of your Backup Repository or fine-tuning which backups get copied. Since data is copied from the backups, production VMs and operational efficiency are not affected. Use the Job Chaining feature to set your VMware backup copy jobs to run automatically right after the primary backup job is complete. This automation feature streamlines routine backup activities and reduces management overhead.

Instant Granular Recovery

Instantly recover individual files, folders and application objects for applications like Microsoft Exchange, Active Directory and Microsoft SQL directly from compressed and deduplicated VMware backups. Granular recovery does not require you to fully restore a VM containing that single file you need, which helps you save time and effort. Use the search functionality to find the items that you need and restore them to the original or a custom location. If your primary backup is unavailable, you can recover items from a backup copy located, for example, in a public cloud. The functionality greatly speeds up the recovery process and helps you keep downtime at a minimum.

Policy-Based VMware Backup

You can improve backup efficiency and simplify data protection management by automating your VMware vSphere backups with policies. Each policy is a set of rules based on specific criteria, like a VM’s name, sise or tag. Once configured, your inventory is scanned automatically and virtual machines matching the rules are added to existing backup jobs. Similarly, VMs that no longer meet the criteria are automatically excluded. This way, you don’t need to track every change in your constantly growing infrastructure and manually add new VMs to relevant jobs. You can also integrate NAKIVO Backup & Replication with third-party monitoring, automation and orchestration solutions using an HTTP API, which covers the functionality of NAKIVO Backup & Replication completely.

Simple P2V Recoveries

NAKIVO Backup & Replication is a universal, all-in-one software solution that can protect physical, virtual and cloud environments. When you use the software in mixed physical and virtual environments, NAKIVO Backup & Replication allows you to nearly instantly recover your Windows and Linux physical servers and workstations from backups to VMware VMs. This way, if your server or workstation goes down, you can quickly resume your operations with no downtime by simply booting VMware VMs from your physical machine backups. This recovery process takes mere minutes as the system configuration, data and applications are all captured during the backup and you don’t have to reinstall the OS.

Instant VM Recovery

While you may be able to afford having longer RTOs for many VMs, getting your mission-critical VMs up and running during a disruption is imperative. The Flash VM Boot feature in NAKIVO Backup & Replication is aimed at delivering the tightest RTOs possible so you can be sure that you can have any VM booted immediately directly from compressed and deduplicated backups. This way NAKIVO Backup & Replication allows you to resume your operations within minutes without running a full VM recovery. Once the VM is running, you can migrate it to production for permanent recovery without affecting the backup.

Data Reduction Techniques

NAKIVO Backup & Replication can automatically exclude swap files and partitions from VMware VM backups. This speeds up data transfer and saves storage space. To further reduce backup sise, NAKIVO Backup & Replication can automatically deduplicate all VM backups across the entire Backup Repository with Global Deduplication and then deduplicated blocks are compressed to further optimise your storage space. You can also use a Backup Repository optimised for backup and deduplication appliances such as EMC Data Domain, HPE StoreOnce, NEC HYDRAstor and Quantum DXi. Owing to their outstanding deduplication capabilities, such appliances ensure that backup data consumes as little space as possible, as well as improving your backup and recovery performance.

Instant Backup Verification

The fact that you have VMware vSphere backups doesn’t necessarily mean that you can recover your VMs from them. Even if a backup has completed successfully, recovery can fail for various reasons. The only reliable way to ensure that you can perform successful recoveries during a disruption is performing test recoveries. With NAKIVO Backup & Replication, you can get proof that your vSphere backups are valid and usable for recovery. Based on Flash VM Boot, the Instant Verification feature can automatically verify backups after each backup job either by booting the VM and taking a screenshot of the OS or by checking the availability of VMware Tools. You then receive a report to your e-mail or view it in the UI. This way, you can be certain that your VMware backups are functional.

Multiple Storage Destinations

NAKIVO Backup & Replication offers multiple storage options, each serving specific needs and purposes. You can store a copy of your backup data on-premises to ensure the fastest possible access and recovery. Keep a copy of your VMware backups in a public cloud – Amazon S3, Microsoft Azure or Wasabi – to have your data available if your primary VMware backup gets lost or corrupted. Tape cartridges are a perfect option for data archiving and long-term retention. With native tape support, you can meet compliance requirements as well as archival needs. With one or more copies of your backups stored on different media, NAKIVO Backup & Replication can ensure that your data is accessible and recoverable at all times.

Full VM Recovery

Whether caused by a hardware failure or data corruption, NAKIVO Backup & Replication allows you to recover one or multiple VMware VMs to their latest state or to a previous point in time. With up to 4,000 recovery points to choose from for each VM, these recovery points can be rotated based on the grandfather-father-son (GFS) retention scheme, giving you the flexibility of rolling back to the specific version that you need. When performing the recovery, NAKIVO Backup & Replication transfers the VM image from the backup to the production site. When you run a VM recovery, a new VM is created and the source VM is not reverted to the previous state or replaced with the new VM.

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